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Support to take your business to the next step in its lifecycle

Our business advisory services will help you plan and structure your small or medium-sized company in the most efficient ways possible. We provide excellent advice and support to take your business to the next step in its lifecycle, whether it is a start up, expanding; or even if you’re closing down or plan to sell.

Our services focus on the following areas:

  • Company startup advice
  • Advice for company growth
  • Business plans and fundraising
  • Staff Remuneration and Incentivisation
  • Business and Shareholder Structuring

We pride ourselves on providing valuable insight and advice to businesses built on our experts’ deep understanding and experience in accounting and business. For start ups, we understand it can be difficult to manage finances and learn about form deadlines; these hurdles can stall business growth and cause serious stress. That’s why we come in to help you. We also ensure statutory obligations get met when you want to incorporate the company and explain complex procedures such as registering directors and drafting of your Articles of Association. We also have many experienced contacts in various fields who may provide a useful resource for your particular circumstances.

  • We knew we would need some hands on expertise if we were going to get things right from the outset.
    Go Vapour UK Ltd

For a growing organisation, our business advisory services will provide the support, assurance and experience to expand in the ways that you envision. Depend on our advice for sidetracking common hurdles to growth such as limited access to funding and cash-flow problems. We can also help you establish or restructure an employee incentivisation scheme and form a strong business plan to encourage growth in the ways you desire.

Formulating business plans are one of our specialties. We will create a healthy, comprehensive business plan that works with your business size, industry and goals. The robust strategy we formulate will help you with applications to banks and lenders when you want to finance or expand your company. We know what financial institutions look for in the approval process and ensure application documents are filled out correctly as well as on time to increase your opportunities.

    D Taylor
  • The service is very personal and the speed of response and accuracy of information provided is second to none.
    D Taylor
    MD - Taylor Beaumont Insurance Consultants Ltd

If you plan to offer employee share schemes, our expert team can help with your business valuation, advise you on the process and assist you in filling out necessary paperwork for SIPs, SAYE or other schemes. The advantages of these programs include company tax incentives, as well as motivating your staff; when employees feel they have a personal stake in the business they are more likely to align their personal goals with your company’s vision.

Our approach is a personalised one that is tailored to you and your specific business. When we examine how best to help your SME, we take into account your business goals, size, industry and more. We are flexible in approach, recognising your vision may change over time or that what worked six months ago is no longer effective. We are always friendly, courteous and down to earth when offering advice or in any other interactions. Your satisfaction with our business advisory services is paramount to us.

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