Part Time Finance Director Services

Finance Director Services

At Continuum we have years of experience in managing cash flow efficiently, reducing risk, creating profitable exit strategies and more. By appointing us as your interim Finance Director you not only get sound advice but you also acquire more time to concentrate on your business, without having to worry about handling financial administration tasks.

Our part time Finance Director services are perfect for SMEs, at whatever point you are in your business lifecycle. Whether your company is a start-up, experiencing rapid growth or even if it is closing down soon or you’re looking to sell, you can benefit from our quality financial planning initiatives.

At Continuum, we don’t have a “one solution fits all” way of thinking. Instead, we provide custom solutions designed specifically to meet your business vision, fine tuning our services to fully meet your preferences and the uniqueness of your company.

    Liam O'Sullivan
  • Continuum's service and general work ethic is both professional and reliable.
    Liam O'Sullivan
    Managing Director - GH Property Management Services Ltd

Our part time Finance Director offers services specialising in:

  • Development and maintenance of financial statements and reports
  • Management of cash flow in compliance with policies
  • Strategic financial direction in conformity with your business aims
  • Overseeing bookkeeping and payroll functions
  • Ensuring statutory documents are processed on time
  • Establishing budget guidelines and forecast predictions
  • Review of risk management strategies to lower risk
  • Liaising with banks and other stakeholders for financial services as required
  • Business structuring including Shareholder Agreements
  • Tax optimisation initiatives

As your Finance Director we help your business to be organised, as well as looking for ways to build your profit margins, save you money and grow your business in the direction you want.

As your partner we take stock of where your business has been, its current financial position and where you envision it is going. We keep your goals at the forefront to provide valuable assistance for you and your company.

    Viv Huet
  • Their understanding of our business requirements, knowledge, attention to detail and thoroughness is exceptional.
    Viv Huet
    Director - Cupio Ltd

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