Payroll Services

Our payroll services provide your business with a complete, end-to-end solution for each stage of the process. From completing Real Time Information (RTI) submissions to issuing reports in a format best suited to you, Continuum’s payroll management is designed to free up time and resources, allowing you to focus on the day-to-day performance of your business. Our full spectrum of services can be developed from the ground up to meet your own specific needs. Mix and match our services to get the results that you need without paying for unnecessary extras.

Amongst the many duties that Continuum can complete for you are:

  • Processing your payroll data
  • Real Time Information (RTI) submissions to HMRC
  • Consultancy and Guidance
  • Payslips solutions
  • Payroll reports formatted to your requirements
  • Feedback and Reports
    Andrew Gorman
  • Accounts and Payroll always actioned on time,a super efficient service and a very cost effective rate.
    Andrew Gorman

One of the primary benefits that every Continuum client enjoys from our payroll processing service is our responsiveness and our ability to adapt quickly to changing internal and external demands. Many SMEs will think carefully before undertaking any form of restructuring or altering their payroll procedure. The extra workload caused by these changes can affect other operations within any smaller sized organisations. With Continuum working with you, the workload is completed off-site, meaning your day-to-day duties remain unaffected.

This applies doubly when external constraints come into play.

Outsourcing your payroll processes frees up precious resource

Any business that handles all of its payroll duties in-house is obliged to spend time and resources on keeping pace with changes in regulation. But with an end-to-end payroll service provided to your company by Continuum, these are all considerations that we will address on your behalf. We pride ourselves on being the most efficient and the best informed service providers for company payroll requirements, and we have positioned ourselves so that we adapt quickly to changes in procedure and best practice. When you work with Continuum, your business is insulated from the costs of updating your payroll structure that regulation changes can create.

Successfully outsourcing your payroll processes means freeing up precious company resources and allowing your business to progress more smoothly. But for Continuum, that is just the starting point of our service. We build lasting partnerships of trust and co-operation that result in greater savings and productivity for years to come.

    D Taylor
  • The service is very personal and the speed of response and accuracy of information provided is second to none.
    D Taylor
    MD - Taylor Beaumont Insurance Consultants Ltd

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